• The new airless bicycle tyre

“We have completed several tours [over 4,000 miles] including trips from Bristol to Norwich, Brighton and Manchester… We are delighted with the performance and durability.”

Mark Davey

“The piece of mind Gecko gives is priceless, especially on cold winter mornings. Another benefit I've found compared to other puncture proof tyres is the amazing grip especially in the wet"

John Campbell (The Electric Transport Shop, York)

"Have had Gecko tyres on my bike now for several months and I can't notice any reduction in performance with my previous tyres. Its so great that they never go flat"

Julia Davies

"I have been using Gecko tyres on an e-bike for the last couple of years. It's a wonderful world where you KNOW you won't get a puncture"

Richard Peace (Electric Bike Report)

"Back to back testing against rival solid tyre offerings showed Gecko to be way ahead of the competition. The natural rubber sustainable credentials are a further bonus"

Charles Carey (Worcester Rail2Ride)

Gecko Rubber Puncture proof bicycle tyres

The best performing airless tyre ever made.

The most sustainable tyre ever made.

Introducing the New 700x27 Gecko Rubber Bicycle Tyre

Lightweight & Lower rolling resistance using the latest Gecko rubber compound innovation, these tyres have excellent comfort and grip in all weather conditions, and of course it is still the only tyre that can be recycled back into a tyre.

As with all Geckos you’ll never have to worry about tyre trouble again. No matter how many miles you do or how many years they sit in the garage.

Perfect for commuters, ebikes, road/light off-road and training rides.

It is not as quick as a fully pumped lightweight pneumatic tyre, but it will be the closest you will get with airless puncture proof performance and it is still the most sustainable bicycle tyre you can buy.

From our feedback we know that many cyclists still appreciate the earlier larger profile/hybrid tread patterned Gecko tyre designs. Therefore the 26 x 1.5” and 700 x 40 Gecko sizes will still be made available and further larger profile/hybrid tread patterned sizes such as a 20" version will also be introduced.

If you have any questions please email us on info@geckorubber.co.uk

Gecko Rubber bicycle tyres are made in the UK