We're on a mission to make cycling easier for cyclists and easier on the planet!

Gecko Airless Tyres are puncture-proof, maintenance-free and recyclable. Easily installed in under 5 minutes, Gecko Tyres have optimum comfort, great rolling properties, grip and durability, and lasting twice as long as a standard pneumatic tyre.

And now Gecko Rubber has been officially nominated for the Earthshot Prize 2024

Please see below some details regarding our recent official nomination for the Earthshot Prize 2024.

In the last two years we have developed a new ultra-light materials technology that is delivering significant performance and environmental benefits to the new Gecko 100% puncture proof fully recyclable bicycle tyre.

Some possible reasons for the nomination are:

·      A high impact project, with billions riding bicycles around the world. The zero maintenance and long service life (achieved because Gecko tyres will not go flat, crack and fail through puncture damage by using long life materials in a 100% puncture proof construction, as well as having an excellent ride quality, which will encourage a stronger uptake of cycling and boosting sustainable transport.

·      Compared to conventional pneumatic rubber tyres, Gecko single component cellular rubber tyres generate 70% less CO2 (known from an independent Life Cycle Analysis), last more than twice as long and are also not harmful to the environment as e.g. they don’t use toxic PAH antioxidants to extend the tyre's service life, (PAHs are widely used in traditional pneumatic rubber tyre technology and are known to cause harm e.g. to marine life from worn particles found in the streams, rivers and oceans.). The new ultra-light Gecko tyre also does not use fossil fuel-derived carbon black fillers and they don’t use natural rubber (NR) where there are currently sustainability issues.

·      The new Gecko ‘single component’ cellular rubber technology is extremely cost effective (with far simpler, lower energy manufacturing), is ultra-light (i.e. half the weight of the ‘first-generation’ Gecko cellular rubber technology) and now with high comfort and grip, with low rolling resistance and they are easily installed. The Gecko tyre technology is also secured by robust patents around the world, thanks again to Tom at Abel & Imray.

This official nomination may lead us to the Earthshot Prize final (late 2024) and it will certainly give us important global exposure as we scale-up our project over the next year.  

Our Story

Gecko Rubber was founded in 2004 in the South West of England. Our founder, Richard Adams, has over 35 years experience in rubber technology and tyre manufacturing. 

Our patented cellular rubber material possesses outstanding static and dynamic characteristics with excellent vibration isolation, damping and shock resistance properties, lending itself to a wide range of applications. Our first major product is the puncture-proof, closed loop bicycle tyre.

We've been developing airless tyres for a number of years and will soon be launching our new ultra-lightweight Gecko Tyres. The weight has been optimised through our patented moulding processes to produce great rolling properties and a comfortable ride.

Closed Loop Manufacturing

Gecko Tyres are made from a single material meaning that the manufacturing process requires significantly less equipment, space and energy compared to conventional tyre manufacturing methods. During use, Gecko Tyres are the more sustainable and cost-efficient option as they don't require inner tubes and don't get punctures.


Cyclists are realising the high durability benefit as the Gecko tyres will not go flat and crack or fail through pinch punctures. They realise that less than 10% of all pneumatic rubber tyres actually reach end of life through a worn tread! i.e. over 90% of pneumatic rubber bicycle tyres fail long before the tread is worn through cracking and tyre structure failure (requiring at least a new tube but probably a new tyre too). They notice this is another significant cost and more significant time your bike is not going to be available (as it's getting repaired again).

We trialed the first generation Gecko bicycle tyres in a '24/7' UK bike share scheme over 4 years and the average life of the Gecko tyre was at least twice as long as the quality pneumatic rubber tyre equivalent used in the same scheme at the same time...

At end-of-life, Gecko Tyres can be ground down to the starting material and used to make a brand new tyre.

Life Cycle Analysis

Overall life cycle analysis has shown that Gecko Tyres use 70% less carbon dioxide. 

New Ultra-Lightweight Gecko Tyres

Our first generation tyres received encouraging feedback about the comfort, performance, durability and peace of mind offered by Gecko Tyres. However, we have listened to our customers and have developed our lightest tyre yet with lower rolling resistance. By incorporating unique additives into the rubber moulding process, we have been able to finely tune the characteristics of the final product to further meet the needs of our customers.

We are launching soon

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