Gecko Rubber Limited  - The story so far

Gecko Rubber was set up in the South West of the UK in 2004 with a DTI research & development grant and a kind loan from the bank. With this funding and the help of some excellent, often local, suppliers and industry partners we have developed a new expanded rubber technology.

This new patented cellular rubber material possesses outstanding physical (static and dynamic) characteristics with excellent vibration isolation, damping and shock resistance properties and lends itself to a wide range of applications. Our first major product using this patented technology is a puncture proof bicycle tyre. With over 35 years experience in tyre manufacture we have recognised that our Gecko rubber technology offers a new way of producing puncture proof/zero maintenance tyres as well as offering significant recycling, safety, weight and cost saving advantages.


Geckos Rubber technology - the tyre developments

The patented Gecko Rubber technology can be used to manufacture various sizes from scooter tyres through to larger bicycle tyres.
Gecko Rubber technology can also produce tyres with cavities that e.g. can take an inner tube such as with the new Gecko 'Hybrid/run flat' tyre development. 


We also believe a fast 'racing' Gecko tyre could be possible using the Gecko Rubber technology. It may even be able to compete with a pneumatic tyre for speed and grip although it’s likely to have a firm ride.

The fast 'racing' Gecko tyre and the Gecko 'Hybrid/run flat' tyre are significant new development projects and Gecko Rubber is seeking a development partner for these.


Geckos are also the best for the environment

Cycling is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of transport available. But few people know that the tyres can be damaging to the environment and if you have a puncture, you'll likely to have to throw away at least the inner tube (if not the tyre as well) and at the end of their life they will almost certainly be thrown away into landfill. We commissioned an independent study into the life cycle impact of our tyre compared to a leading puncture resistant one. 

Above: a well known puncture resistant pneumatic tyre on the left (with its various textile layers, metal inserts and various separate rubber compounds & the puncture proof Gecko tyre (with it's single rubber component) on the right.

Below: The environmental savings are dramatic with pneumatic bicycle tyres versus Gecko bicycle tyres.
Gecko rubber tyres are 70% less damaging to the environment in terms of Carbon Intensity / Climate Change Impact 


For more information on the Gecko cellular rubber technology and how Gecko bicycle tyres can be recycled see the link below to our Bike Biz magazine interview (December 2020) titled 'return, reground, reuse' 



Gecko Rubber bicycle tyres are easy to fit with a unique clip system

Gecko Rubber Bicycle tyres are easy to fit (in just a few minutes) to your existing wheel rims.

We have developed our own unique tyre retaining clip system using toughened polyamide clips (also 100% recyclable) located at the tyre inner rim profile that lock into each other when the tyre is fitted to the wheel rim. Once the clips are located correctly into the wheel rim bead recess the natural elastomeric rubber qualities of the Gecko tyre ensure the clips are retained within the wheel rim for the the service life of the tyre.

Good quality puncture proof/airless tyres could mean even more people on their bikes

It is well known that many people are often not using their bikes because they go to their garage or shed to use them and they see either tyres gone flat or flat and cracked (and often with a puncture).

A good quality puncture proof/airless bicycle tyre would solve this problem, however,  the puncture proof/airless bicycle tyres made available were often reported to have been difficult to install and then usually with poor comfort and poor grip (road feel). 

We recognised this problem and so developed the Gecko Rubber bicycle tyre.

The new Gecko cellular rubber airless puncture proof bicycle tyre has excellent grip with a good ride quality, they are easy to install and they are also the most sustainable bicycle tyre on the market

please contact us on info@geckorubber.co.uk if you would like more information e.g. if you would like to arrange a test comparison with your own tyre. 



Gecko Rubber bicycle tyres are made in the UK