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31st March 2024 post

We now have hundreds of the new 700x40 tyres out being tested (and being purchased by 'early adopters') and we are receiving great feedback.

Yes we have one or two users that have noticed that there is a slightly higher rolling resistance and that we may need a deeper tread pattern for more wear resistance in some applications but the overall impression we have is that our new ultra light Gecko tyre is being warmly welcomed.

We are also encouraged that many can see that our new tyre leads a clear way forward for cycling, without any real overall performance penalty. It seems clear the Gecko tyre is the right option for the environment and for the significant majority of cyclists. We are very pleased and encouraged :)

The following is our latest feedback from the first purchasers of the new Ultra Light 700 x 40 Gecko tyre (at the introductory price of £66 + tax from the first limited batch)

I was sold immediately - every around town bike should come standard with tires like these

Compared to my old pneumatic tyres they provide a more comfortable ride and reassurance when I am biking through a less maintained area with junk in the road.

I expected them to be a little heavier than my old pneumatic tyres but the weight (difference) is indistinguishable.

The installation was pretty easy, I was able to install them with just a tyre lever and by hand. The whole process was pretty smooth and I am really happy with it.

The comfort and the rolling experience is great - it just feels like good pumped air tyres.

One incident required me to take a less optimal route over a very bad road surface to avoid a careless driver and I was impressed with the faultless handling

Still very happy with the overall performance, just off now to rack up another 50 miles.

The tyres were simple to install, I really appreciated that the clips are orange and very easy to tell if they are fully seated in the wheel or not, I think this was easier to install than traditional tires and tubes.

The new Gecko tyres are not only providing me with an acceptable ride quality. I am fully satisfied and would rate the whole experience, from mounting the tyres to actually riding them, as really good.

My pair of Geckos are just as good as when I first started using them. I am definitely not able to tell apart from a regular pneumatic tire. They feel the same to me. The Gecko tires provide me with everything I want. 

Works great, I can't tell much of a weight difference and the comfort/smoothness is excellent.

14th March 2024 POST

News of the first Gecko Ultralight 100% puncture proof 100% fully recyclable bicycle tyre

We are now in early production of our first new Gecko ultra-lightweight 100% puncture proof 100% fully recyclable bicycle tyre with the new 700x40 size.

We are also starting to send out 700x40 samples to a range of customers and independent testers and we are already receiving strong feedback so far where users are noticing, generally, the significant ‘best ever airless ride’ performance. 

Some of the first feedback is:  

Yes I really like them in every sort of (road/track) condition :)

‘Very satisfied’, 

‘It’s an incredible performance with a revolutionising potential for the industry and the environment’.

 ‘My friends did not notice the difference to the pneumatic tyre’ (this was when fitted to a standard commuting ‘pedal bike’). 

Also, from a range of ebike users where they thought our tyres were a ‘perfect match for the ebike'.

We have also had very encouraging support with users saying, ‘you are onto something big here, stick with it’ and that ‘we really want these tyres to succeed and become dominant’.

 Generally, the feedback is:

Excellent comfort and grip (and often at a lower weight than the equivalent pneumatic rubber tyre (and tube).

Easy installation (with our unique tyre to wheel clipping system)

Very pleased with the strong environmental credentials and e.g. they are ‘loving’ the Earthshot Prize 2024 official nomination.


Cyclists are realising the high durability benefit of the Gecko bicycle tyres as they will not go flat and crack or fail through pinch punctures. They realise that less than 10% of all pneumatic rubber tyres actually reach end of life through a worn tread! i.e. over 90% of pneumatic rubber bicycle tyres fail long before the tread is worn through cracking and tyre structure failure (requiring at least a new tube but probably a new tyre too). They notice this is another significant cost and more significant time your bike is not going to be available (as it's getting repaired again).

We trialed the first generation Gecko bicycle tyres in a '24/7' UK bike share scheme over 4 years and the average life of the Gecko tyre was at least twice as long as the quality pneumatic rubber tyre equivalent used in the same scheme at the same time.


 We are also making good progress with the development work evaluating ‘recycled content’ and we are seeing that we can recycle up to at least a 35% recycled content level.


We also have other important longer term developments in the pipeline e.g.

A 100% recyclable single component ‘Hybrid’ construction that incorporates a pressurised inner tube for optimised lowest level rolling resistance (this of course will not be 100% puncture proof like our first product but we believe will give the highest puncture resistance available in the bicycle tyre maket)

also a lightweight ‘low profile’ road/racing bicycle tyre at less than 180 grams (to fit a 19mm IRW wheel).

Also, we have an exciting new electric scooter tyre development.

More news of these developments will follow.

Over the next few months our focus is the new 700x40 100% puncture proof/100% recyclable bicycle tyre and we will be placing limited batches of this first Gecko production tyre (to fit an ETRTO wheel rim 622 x 19) online for purchase with a pre-ordering capability. We will update everyone signed up to our Newsletter in advance on their availability.

Thank you to everyone involved for their amazing support for this project.